Downtown Toronto Pipe Club

July 20th, 2014 by Eric

August Smoker

Egad. It’s almost August already. That means only about 3 smokers left for the season! On that mildly depressing note: Our next Smoker is slated for Wednesday, August 13th at 7:30pm at The RaqLook forward to seeing everyone there!

July 13th, 2014 by Eric

September BBQ

Mark a special spot on your calendars on Saturday, September 6th for an extra-special event: The DTPC and Lakeshore Smokestacks will be jointly-hosting a special BBQ at the workshop of the esteemed pipe maker Michael Parks. On the agenda will be the opportunity to listen to Mike talk about the art of making pipes, a BBQ lunch, a buy-sell-and-swap, and (in case you weren’t sure) the chance to hang-out, eat, drink and smoke with a myriad of like-minded pipe smokers.

All of this for the cost of merely showing up. More details to follow!

June 23rd, 2014 by Eric

July Smoker

So far this year the weather has been a bit fickle — it rained during the last two smokers (May and June) until about 7:45pm despite the forecast telling us “blue skies” or some otherwise woefully inaccurate information. But, then, luck ended up on our side: the remainder of the evenings stayed dry!

And despite the inclement weather we’ve managed to have more than a dozen people in attendance each time. So I doff my imaginary hat to the hardy souls who thumb their nose at the rain gods and come out for a smoke and good company.

Furthermore, we have now raised $730 for charity and the club. (I guess I’m gonna have to start planning a special DTPC Event to blow some of that dough!) There are only 3 pipes left up for grabs but still plenty of good tobacco that I’ll continue to bring out.

And on that note: Our next Smoker is slated for Wednesday, July 16th at 7:30pm at The RaqLook forward to seeing everyone there!


May 25th, 2014 by Eric

June Smoker

It was great to see so many people out at our Spring Opener despite the threat of rain!

We sold 32 of the 40 estate pipes given to us and raised $670 — half of which will be donated to Princess Margaret Hospital and the other half fund DTPC club event(s). Thanks for your generosity and happy smoking!

Our next Smoker is slated for Wednesday, June 18th at 7:30pm at The RaqI’ll bring more tobacco to sample, as well as some other items from the estate donation — pipe bags, cleaners, etc. to pass around.

May 14th, 2014 by Eric

May Opener Rescheduled

With an 80% chance of rain tonight I think the odds are not in our favour. (Plus thunderstorms tomorrow — and it being the Thursday before a long weekend I suspect many people will be away.)

I’ve rescheduled for next week, on a Tuesday — this will give me a little more leeway that week for any additional schedule changes due to weather. Sorry, folks!

Meeting now Tuesday, May 20th at 7:30pm at The Raq.

April 22nd, 2014 by Eric

2014 Spring Opener

May Meeting

“Spring is coming.” Or at least, it had better! This sure has been one long, dark winter. (At least compared to previous years. Although when I was a kid, I suppose this was just a normal winter.)

At any rate — let us get together on a patio to smoke and imbibe! I’ve validated that we can still (for now) smoke outdoors, in public, on a patio. So I hereby announce our Spring Opener: It will be on Wednesday, May  14th at 7:30pm at The Raq(The have four walls and patio heaters, so even if it’s a bit chilly we’ll be okay. Rain, on the other hand… means rescheduling.)

Share the Wealth

We were lucky enough to have been donated a copious amount of vintage tobaccos and pipes from a generous fellow out in Port Hope who had to quit the hobby for health reasons. There are several pounds of tobacco — some of it in sealed tins dating back decades (Esoterica and Rattrays) — as well as about 40 pipes; most of which were carved by Bob Peretti and re-stemmed by Jim Cooke. (They look to be all great smokers, albeit in need of a bit of reaming.)

At any rate — we are in the early stages of deciding how to best distribute this bounty among our club members while both donating some money to charity and keeping some within the club to fund our next special event.

Stay tuned!

November 6th, 2013 by Eric

DTPC Does Vegas

A contingent from the DTPC are fresh (minus the sleep) from the West Coast Pipe Show! What the fledgling show lacks in size and international standing compared to Chicago it makes up for in intimacy and smoker-friendliness: You can puff your pipe just about anywhere in Vegas!

Another benefit is that there is no “pre-show” tacked on, which means that when the doors open you don’t have to worry that ~30% of the pipes will have already been sold within the three days leading up to it. (Sorry, Chicago Show — that’s still a sore point with us.)

The weather was lovely, the skies were blue, and we had our fair share of smoking and enjoying the other delights that Vegas has to offer. Here are a few, mostly blurry, iPhone-photo highlights for your viewing pleasure!

October 9th, 2013 by Eric

Pictures from Past Smokers

Max, who comes to almost every meeting, was kind enough to let us repost some of the pictures he’s taken during four of our Smokers. (You can find the originals on his site.)

September 11th, 2013 by Eric

Smokin’ in Vegas

The Vegas Pipe Show is coming up — November 2nd and 3rd — and a contingent of smokers from the DTPC will be there to rub elbows with fellow pipe brethren and get up to general no-good. If you plan to be at the show, drop us a line!

September 11th, 2013 by Eric

Season Closer: October

Well, despite the scorching heat that blew in this month and stayed for a few days there is no denying that we are rapidly approaching Fall! That means the next smoker will be our official “Season Closer”. It will be on Wednesday, October 2nd at 7:30pm at The Raq.

Again, I should point out that the venue can be fully enclosed (excepting the roof) and they do have a mighty big and powerful heater — so don’t let any cold weather deter you.

I will note there may be subsequent smokers, but past October they will not be guaranteed as they are subject to either the good fortune of finding an indoor venue or unusually welcoming (and forecasted) weather!